Page Springs Cellars Donor Story

Community Development Director Tracey McConnell had an opportunity to interview Gayle Glomski, Founder Vin de Filles, An Arizona Women’s Wine Project, which raised $25,000 October 2021 and $40,000 October 2022 to directly benefit survivors of domestic and sexual violence served by the Verde Valley Sanctuary (VVS).

How did you first hear about our organization? I have been donating to the Twice Nice Thriftique for several years.

What made you decide to give your first gift? We were following up on our mission statement and the purpose of the Vin de Filles (VDF) project is to empower women not only in the wine world, but also in the local community.

Why do you enjoy giving to this organization? After doing our due diligence, and talking to many members of the community who have interacted in different ways with VVS, we feel that VVS is a nonprofit that will follow through on using our donation for the purpose intended rather then helping with administrative and business costs. We believe our money will be directly used for the people coming to VVS for support.

What do you hope to accomplish through your philanthropy? Our thoughts are to not only provide money to support people seeking refuge with VVS, but to eventually use our vineyard work as a way to support (specifically) women in the program. To many of us, working in the vineyard is meditative and being together in an outdoor environment, connecting with mother nature, is healing.

If you were talking to someone else about giving to our organization, what would you tell them? Domestic abuse and assault are big issues in Arizona and the stresses of COVID have escalated these situations. It’s time for our community to stand up and help families break these cycles of abuse so that no one should have to deal with or accept violence as normalcy.

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