Women, girl and family with back at window together for solidarity, legacy and bonding in house in sun. Mother, children and grandmother standing in hug, embrace and love for view in home.

For far too long, domestic and sexual violence have impacted our homes and our communities. Your generosity in the form of a planned gift allows the Verde Valley Sanctuary (VVS) to meet the needs of individual survivors and families in crisis. The key benefit of the Sanctuary Society membership to you is the simple yet profound knowledge that your commitment and generosity provide safety, services, and comfort to survivors for years to come. It ensures the financial support to innovate, grow, and lead, and reduces the dependency on government support. It creates lasting change for generations to come.

Sanctuary Society Members


Sanctuary Society membership is extended to all who make a planned gift for our benefit. Members of the Society have one thing in common: All have committed to support the future of our organization and its mission. They understand the power of funding our operations and endowment and know the assets they leave to VVS will continue to grow, supporting extraordinary programs to revive courage and empower lives for generations to come.

We are excited to share a way in which you can support VVS operations and endowment fund and allow the programs we offer to the public to continue and grow. JJ and PJ are donors of VVS. They have been gracious enough to share how and why they became Legacy Society members.


JJ grew up in a family of seven children. He was the oldest and had six younger sisters. He witnessed several instances of verbal and sexual abuse as his sisters grew older and moved out on their own. In PJ's mid to late 20s, she was a single mother with very low income and struggled to support herself and her son. Their daughter moved through several abusive relationships. These experiences made them very sensitive to the issues of sexual and domestic abuse.

"I was first exposed to VVS through various grant requests reviewed by Arizona Community Foundation," says PJ. "We attended a Rotary fund raiser and heard a very moving speech delivered by Tracey McConnell. This prompted us to explore VVS, and we were given an extensive tour by former Executive Director Nicole Florisi. We were obviously inspired and moved to name VVS as a beneficiary of our revocable living trust.

We are very grateful for all the services provided by VVS. We are particularly inspired by the transitional housing, the lay legal advocacy programs, and the educational opportunities provided to the clients to empower them to make their own lives better.

Of course, in a perfect world, services like VVS would no longer be necessary. Since that is not likely, we would like to see a community that is more aware of the sexual and domestic abuse issues and better understands how to provide assistance to end the abuse cycles.

"We do not want our passion to be remembered or even acknowledged. We only want VVS to continue to grow and serve the community." - PJ and JJ.

Want to Learn More about the Sanctuary Society?

Please contact Community Development Director Tracey McConnell at (928) 282-2755 or tracey@verdevalleysanctuary.org. We look forward to learning more about you and your planned giving desires. Thank you!