Twice Nice Thriftique Cottonwood

I have some important news to share with you today. Over the last two years, since I stepped into the Executive Director role at Verde Valley Sanctuary (VVS), we have made some major strides. We opened Desert Rose Court, our 6-unit, 7-bedroom transitional housing complex that ensures a small number of survivors have access to safe and stable housing for six to twenty-four months. We hosted our HUGELY successful and fun (thanks to many of you) 30th-anniversary gala. Finally, we’re proud to celebrate the purchase of 221 S. Main St. in Cottonwood. This property will serve as the future site of VVS’s centralized campus where we will be able to consolidate our executive offices and administration, community-based advocacy services, and expand services for survivors of sexual assault. These milestones, and more, show how far we have come in two years of working together. 

We also conducted a thorough financial analysis and a clean, single audit which confirmed that VVS remains on solid financial footing and is a fiscally strong organization. However, the recent financial analysis made it clear to us that the Cottonwood Twice Nice Thriftique is not profitable and hasn’t been for the last two years. I want to be clear that this is not the fault of any individual. The team at that store has worked hard to make it more successful. We believe that the over-saturation of thrift and consignment stores in Cottonwood and the presence of multiple dollar stores and Walmart make it a very competitive market compared to Sedona and Camp Verde. 

The main purpose of these thrift stores is to generate revenue for our core mission of offering resources and safety to survivors of domestic violence. The annual deficit of the Cottonwood store is preventing us from fully meeting that goal. The amount of revenue required to maintain this location is simply too large for anyone to reasonably meet or exceed.

However, the property itself is a significant asset that we can leverage to help build out our 221 S. Main St. Campus and bring forth our vision. Two commercial market analyses on the Cottonwood property valued it at over $1 million. Because of those factors, the VVS Board of Directors has unanimously voted to liquidate, close, and sell the Cottonwood Twice Nice Thriftique store and property.

This news may come as a shock to many, given the presence and role that the Cottonwood Thriftique has played in the history of VVS. I can assure you that the decision was not made lightly, nor was it an easy one, especially because there are people involved. VVS is working with the dedicated staff and volunteers at the store to ensure a smooth transition. We are eternally grateful for their dedication to VVS and its mission.

This transition will not happen overnight, or even in 60 days. Survivor needs will continue to be met during and after the closure of the store. It’s important to note that most organizations don’t manage one, let alone three thrift stores to help meet the needs of survivors. We are fortunate that we still have the fabulous and generous donors and the staff and volunteers of Sedona and Camp Verde stores to assist our shelter, transitional, and community-based survivors when needed.

As our timeline and liquidation plan for the Cottonwood store becomes more crystalized, we will share that information with all of you. If you have any questions, please reach out, and I will do my best to answer.

Jessye Johnson, MPA
Executive Director

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