Award Winning Thriftiques Need Volunteers

The Twice Nice Thriftiques earned nearly $600,000 in our previous fiscal year; all profits directly support the Verde Valley Sanctuary Shelter.

Twice Nice Thriftiques in Sedona, Cottonwood and Camp Verde were voted “Best Thrift Stores of 2021” by Kudos Magazine readers, a publication of the Verde Independent Newspaper. The Thriftiques sell gently used donations of clothing, shoes, furniture, jewelry, books, and household items at unbelievable prices.

These boutiques are the public face for the Sanctuary, and often the first contact with donors, volunteers, partners, and even clients.

Shelter residents moving to independent housing, shop to obtain needed clothing, furniture, and houseware items for setting up their new place of residence; at no cost to them!

Stores also give back to the community via donations to organizations (e.g., Fort Verde Museum, Heard Museum, Historical Society of Sedona, and Navajo Museum).

These thriftiques are the “Gold Standard” of thrift stores. Nothing goes on the floor without being cleaned, steamed, polished, spruced up, and attractively displayed. Thriftiques are also good stewards of the environment; recycling all merchandise that cannot be sold.

We Especially Need Volunteers – Due to COVID-19, we have lost the majority of our volunteers. We do clean vigorously every day to keep the germs away. One of our volunteers retired after 20 years of service. Volunteers receive 50% discount at all stores!

There is a magic in the work we do. Let us share a brief story . . .

A Cinderella Story

About four years ago, we received a donation of women’s roller skates made in the 1950’s. A girl’s name was written on top of the box along with a telephone number. It had an insignia for a roller rink. They were so cute! We put them on display in the store. In the back room, we heard “I had some roller skates just like this when I was a girl” along with other nostalgic conversations.

One day, at the register, a woman arrived with the roller skates in her hands and she shared “You are not going to believe this! These are my roller skates.” We shared our congratulations, of course.

However, the woman shared that these really were her skates. “See this is my maiden name. My uncle’s roller rink is right here on the box. I was wearing them when I first met my husband to be. Last week was our anniversary, and today is the anniversary of his death.” Her daughter came up to the register and said, “I brought my mother shopping today to get her mind off of things.” The mother continues “When we were married, my husband went into the service. The skates have travelled coast to coast with us over the years.”

“I came here to Sedona to spend time with my daughter. I don’t know how the roller skates ever got here. But I’m not surprised. He’s done this kind of thing before. It’s no accident.” By this time, customers and volunteers had gathered around and tears were flowing. We were all feeling the magic of this unique Cinderella story.

Interested in volunteering and wondering where to start? The best place to start is to contact our Thrift Store Managers. You can ask them for a volunteer application and talk about how you might like to contribute to the success of the thrift store.  We are a fun place to be and a classy thriftique!  Call Barry, Community Enterprise Director (928) 282-2563.

Twice Nice Cottonwood—Matt (928) 634-7555

Twice Nice Sedona—Marge (928) 282-2563

Twice Nice Camp Verde—Jenny (928) 567-8571

We want to leave you with one more magical story . . .

The “No Pants” Groom

One of our volunteers works at Sedona Clothing, a men’s and women’s dress shop. One day, just before closing, she called the store manager and asked “Marge, do you have any men’s black slacks in a particular size.”

Marge said, “Yes, we have several pairs.” She said, “Good! I’m sending a groom and his best man over because the groom needs a pair of slacks to go with his tux. Please keep the store open.  They’re on their way right now.”

The two men pulled up and immediately they were rushed to the dressing room. Come to find out, his tux was packed up without the pants!

By the time, they found the pants that worked, they had 30 minutes before the wedding. They got dressed at the store. Fairy Godmothers, the Volunteers, helped them tie their ties, took pictures, and wished them congratulations as they left the store. The store and volunteers enabled a dream wedding to come true.

For more information or to make a donation, contact Community Development Director Tracey McConnell at (928) 282-2755,, or visit the website

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