VVS Responds to Covid-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, we have tried to take thoughtful steps to address what is a new (and hopefully temporary) way of life. Things may seem like they are constantly changing, but one thing that has not changed is our commitment to your safety and well-being. From the safety of our homes, we are still able to provide caring service and support.

Here are some updates on where things stand now at Verde Valley Sanctuary.

Currently, with the exception of Shelter staff, the majority of our workforce is working normal hours from their homes. In-office personnel has been limited to the absolute necessary positions and our offices are closed to
outside guests. When our colleagues are safe and healthy, they are better prepared to take care of you.

The health and safety of you and your family remains our highest priority

24-HOUR HELPLINE ~ Should you feel that you are in severe emotional distress, please call our 24-hour helpline. Our support counselors remain available throughout the COVID-19 pandemic period. We are here to listen, help, and provide information on resources that are available for you. If in immediate danger, call 911. Phone: (928) 634-2511 | (800) 930-7233

SHELTER ~ Our shelter remains open for those in need of a confidential and safe refuge from domestic violence and/or sexual assault. For those in need of immediate shelter, a two-week quarantine in a facility (separate from our permanent housing) has been secured. Both facilities provide food, clothing, and other supportive services for victims and their children.

LEGAL ADVOCACY ~ Though our Legal office is closed to the public, our advocates are available telephonically or through video chat on a secure web application. If you are in need of an immediate order of protection, our
advocates will assist you. Throughout the pandemic period, our advocates will continue to assist victims with divorce, custody, child support, and all aspects of victim’s rights. Though Court activities are limited at this time,
case documents can still be filed by our advocates on your behalf. Emergency cases continue to be heard by the Courts. Phone: (928) 639-2079

OUTREACH ~ This is a very difficult time for anyone experiencing domestic violence and related trauma. We encourage you to reach out to us. Our experienced and caring trauma counselors are available for those not needing emergency shelter. We are here to listen and help. Group support sessions and community trainings will resume when the safety of staff and clients can be assured. Phone: (928) 634-6255

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SERVICES ~ The Verde Valley Sanctuary YES program focuses on breaking and preventing the cycle of domestic violence and child abuse. YES operates in area schools, Parks and Recreation
facilities, and community locations throughout the Verde Valley; focusing on changing attitudes of acceptance of personal violence among young people. Though these facilities are currently closed for public safety, our counselors are available to meet telephonically, or through a secure web application, with any at-risk child or teen. When, and as these facilities re-open, our youth-based counseling, mentoring, and support groups will resume. Phone: (928) 634-2511

OUR THRIFT STORES ~ “Twice Nice,” both in Sedona and Cottonwood, are currently closed. When it is deemed appropriate and safe for our volunteers, shoppers and staff, both stores will re-open. Phone: (928) 282-2563, Sedona | Phone: (928) 634-7555, Cottonwood

We are abiding by guidelines, mandates and executive orders issued by the state, and our local judicial authorities. Please visit https://www.acesdv.org for more information on COVID-19 (state and federal assistance programs for victims of sexual and domestic violence).

Our commitment to you has never been stronger and we know we will weather this difficult time together. Thank you for your continued trust in us. You are not alone.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

With warmest regards,

Nicole Florisi, M.S.
Executive Director
Verde Valley Sanctuary
(928) 634-5580, ext. 102
(928) 649-0769, fax

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