Shelter: A Home Away from Home

Peg Trulson, V.V.S. Therapeutic Case Manager and Jennifer Perry, V.V.S. Development Director speak with the Red Rock News. Photo Credit Sedona Red Rock News

It’s not the home they are used to. It lacks pictures of loved ones hung upon the walls and the sound of their pet running down the hall. But, what this new home gives women and children is refuge, and that can make leaving the familiar behind for the unknown a bit easier.

This leap of faith often starts with a call to the Verde Valley Sanctuary 24-hour help line (928) 634-2511. It may be a potential client who has been in a chronically abusive relationship that has been brewing for a while and there’s kids in the mix. Or, it could be a concerned family member or friend, or a referral from the emergency room or police department.

Whoever makes the call, a member of the Verde Valley Sanctuary domestic violence shelter is on the other line listening, ready to lend a hand.No domestic violence case is identical. The Verde Valley Sanctuary’s staff understands this, but one thing remains the same from case to case: Their help is centered around safety planning.

Ensuring safety may mean removing someone from a situation the moment the phone is hung up, or waiting a few days to formulate a plan.

“Sometimes people leave immediately as a result of an immediate incident, so sometimes we are dealing with people who are showing up bloody and needing to go to the emergency room,” said Peg Trulson, therapeutic case manager at the Sanctuary’s shelter. “Sometimes we’re working with people where they know it’s escalating, and they are seeking an opportune time to leave.”

In some cases, the shelter in one’s area may not be the best match. Historically, domestic violence shelters have worked collaboratively, so people can be transported to other shelters.

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