Painting with Purpose

“Painting with Purpose” is a fun and engaging social outing that combines spirits, good food, fun, and art. It’s a unique form of entertainment and camaraderie that ultimately aids a local nonprofit organization and promotes a transformation of strangers to co-creators. We are all just one act away from connecting for a good cause that benefits us all.

On Saturday, April 16th, at Fojol restaurant ( in Old Town Cottonwood, a live painting will be conducted by Nate Hansen and a “mystery” artist. It will be done on a large canvas. The painting will be created over an extended time that day, from 1:00 pm until early evening.

Fojol in Old Town Cottonwood is not only known for their unique vegetarian menu, beer, and kombucha but for a performance and event venue. The mission of this local restaurant is to be committed to the reel and surreal for the enhancement of our lives and the betterment of all those that experience our healing community. This is a special place. Not just a restaurant. It’s an experience and you must visit to feel it.

The painting will go up for auction for 48 hours after its creation. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the Verde Valley Sanctuary to further its mission to enhance the safety of, and increase services for, survivors of sexual and domestic violence and end additional abuse through community education. In Fiscal Year 2020/2021, the Verde Valley Sanctuary provided services to over 2,300 survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

Local artist Nate Hansen shares a bit about his creation process “The inspiration behind all of my art is a combination of the insatiable desire to express myself coupled with embracing the few things in my life that have been giving me purpose as of late, namely time in nature, the pursuit of fuller conscious moments, the healing of personal traumas, and the retelling of visceral personal experiences through abstract imagery which I hope can one day translate into broader stories for my family and friends. I find it difficult to go through life when I don’t feel a part of something. I have to feel as if I am creating something meaningful.”

For more information about the Painting with Purpose event, contact Nate Hansen at 928.274.5397. For more information about Verde Valley Sanctuary or to make a donation, contact Community Development Director Tracey McConnell at (928) 282-2755,, or visit the website https://

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