Verde Valley Sanctuary Board of Directors presents a $50,000 holiday gift match opportunity. For every dollar you give, the Board doubles your impact.

Please click on "Holiday Gift Match" to donate. Thank you for making our important work possible for the individuals and families who need our help!

First of all, I want to thank you for your faithful support. Over the years, Verde Valley Sanctuary has helped many people, but that doesn’t mean we ever forget anyone who has helped make that possible. You are one of those people. Your previous gifts matter! Whether you have given your $5 or $5,000, volunteered, or provided in-kind gifts in the past—it takes all kinds of thread to make a quilt.

A quilt—a patchwork of material sewn together into a blanket—what an apt comparison to what we do here at Verde Valley Sanctuary. People whose lives have been ripped apart by domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking, made whole and safe again through the generosity of people like you.

You have helped people like Maeve, who was brought to the Verde Valley Sanctuary by one of the local police departments. She had been found on the desert highway, dehydrated, frightened, and chose not to speak to the police. The Sanctuary provided a safety room, a quiet space, and some good food.

Once she felt safe enough, Maeve eventually shared that she was on a dating site, and she met up with somebody. She was kidnapped and escaped by climbing out of the trunk of a car. She had no idea who her abuser was.

Maeve had been sex trafficked when she was younger; her multiple traumas created barriers to healing and safety, but the Verde Valley Sanctuary helped Maeve restore that foundation.

The Advocates helped by providing Maeve a safe place to gather her thoughts, advocacy-based counseling, safety-planning, and access to affordable housing. Maeve allowed herself to work through some of her trauma when she felt safe and supported. Maeve is on her journey to recovery. She volunteers at a local organization, keeps in touch with the Sanctuary, and shared that she wants to volunteer with the Sanctuary when she is ready.

Given the magnitude of what people like Maeve have been through, it takes monumental determination – and a supportive community of loving peers and mentors – to discover and sustain a completely new way of operating in the world. Yes, the Sanctuary helped Maeve begin the healing process and move forward, but it wouldn’t have been possible without folks like you.

Which brings me to another main point of this letter. We’ve recently received a match donation of $50,000 from our Board of Directors. That means that for every dollar that’s donated now through December 31st, 2021, our Board of Directors will match it dollar for dollar.

We’re excited about this wonderful opportunity for the chance to help many more people than we normally do! We hope you find the worth in this journey of giving.

Would you be able to help this holiday season with a little extra? Please click on "Holiday Gift Match" to make sure your donation counts toward the double impact.

Once again, thank you for your continued support, and know that Maeve, and many others like her, are successfully navigating their past abuse and living better today thanks to you and your personal generosity.


Nicole Florisi

Executive Director

Our mission is to enhance the safety of and increase services for survivors of sexual and domestic violence, and to prevent abuse through communitywide education.

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